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KNOWLEDGE FOR INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY SOFTWARE is a growing consulting service in the Information and Communication Technology field. K4ICT aim is to satisfy the client needs, starting from a first step that involves requirement analysis and specification, then the design and finally the development. The fields involved of the consulting service are the following:

e-Commerce and e-Learning
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We design digital content protection systems and learning and online sharing oriented systems for knowledge. Thanks to the DRM (Digital Right Management) and LMS (Learning Management Systems) technologies and to portable and flexible development platforms such as .NET and Java, the consultance service is able to provide protected and functional e-Commerce and e-Learning platforms.

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We design control and monitoring applications for power systems and not, thanks to graphical interfaces that permits to manage and view the system users, the data acquisition, the devices configuration, and so on.

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Our consultance service can design both client and server applications. For client applications, we can design multimedia applications (music, graphic, 3D, etc.) and database management applications, thanks to modern technologies such as DirectX and Oracle.

Web sites and portals
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We can design new generation web sites and portals, thanks to technologies such as AJAX, Javascript, ASP, ASP.NET and Web Services.

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The consultance service can provide consultance for chemical companies that wants to register their own chemical products with the new REACH system using IUCLID 5 as informatic system for the effective registration. To learn more, click on the following link.

Multimedia production
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We can provide multimedia production systems such as video and music.

Azienda Amica K4ICT SOFTWARE makes known to their clients and convention circuit followers of Azienda Amica, that we have followed their initiative, proposing facilities to their associates. For more information, send an e-mail to K4ICT SOFTWARE or visit the website