Software for the school calendar, on-line school-family interoperation, on-line registry and school report management.

Speedy School is a software system for the management, the maintenance and the updating of information inside a school structure. The system is made up by a web portal, called Speedy School Front Office, that permits to manage the information about teachers, students, school calendars, on-line communications, and a client-side software, called Speedy School Back Office, that permits to create calendars in a simple and intuitive way.

The portal permits to teachers and parents to view and manage all the information about the school registry of each single student. So, the teachers can insert information about votes assigned during class tasks, oral exams, and the parents can view, in any time, such information. Moreover, the portal permits to parents to receive SMS notifications whereas a teacher register an absence for a student.

The client-side software, called Speedy School Back Office, permits to teachers and administrators to create a calendar. The software user can insert information on classes and teachers, such as name and surname of teachers, the number of hours that a teacher has to stay for a specific school subject, the classes where the teacher belongs, the name of the free day to assign to the teacher, and so on. With the use of some tools, the software permits to generate, in an automatic way, the global calendar, for all the classes and all the teachers. Moreover, in any time, it will be possible to see the change on the generated calendar, using the manual generation tools provided such as cell exchanges, assignment of consecutive hours, and so on.

SpeedySchool Front Office
Click on the following link to view a demo of the web portal for its functionalities. Once you enter the portal, you can click on the option to the right, and view the school list with the use of the Update button. Click on the Login button of the school with code virtual, and log in inside the portal as teacher or student simply by providing, as username, the name of the teacher or student from the list viewed on the website (for example, for the teacher Savino, the username is savino, while for the student Emma Rossi, the username is emma, and so on) and, as password, the string 12345.