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K4ICT has developed HouseCAD, a software solution for the management and the automatic generation of buildings. The software permits to the user to create and manage the content of a prospectus with the use of few and simple parameters, such as the surface area of one or more rooms, the room count, the room links, the object count, their own distances and so on. After the user insert these parameters, HouseCAD will compute one or more prospectus, and the user will be able to view each of them in both 2D and 3D environments: with the use of the mouse, the user can explore the building internals, so that to see how the internal room walls have been generated, the external walls of the house, the floor and ceiling, the stairs that links each floor with the next one, and even the roof shape.
If the prospectus generated doesn't exactly comply with the user requirements, it's always possible to use a particular set of graphical tools of HouseCAD with which you can adjust the orientation and position of a room, a wall, an object, and so on. So HouseCAD represents for the user a unique and compact solution for the design of a building.

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