Patent No 0001427519
Delivering ordinary mail with drones

Intelligent logistics is a subject that is a very actual subject as it allows not only to automate the execution of certain functions related to remote piloting systems, but also to make decisions to improve the behavior of the system and make it more "intelligent".

K4ICT Software has designed an IT platform called Supra, able to meet the requirements of intelligent logistics, ie remote control, automation and evaluation of decisions.

The Project allows to define a route consisting of multiple waypoints or points of arrival. The remote piloting system reaches the various waypoints using any means of communication for determining the position of the system itself. The system is monitored by an operating center or HMI (Human Machine Interface) able to display the position of the system and provide the user with any control tools. On each waypoint the remote piloting system performs a series of functions established by the user, measuring physical quantities communicating them to the control panel together with any required notifications. The remote piloting system is constantly monitored in order to comply with certain constraints related to the behavior and the state of the system itself and, if necessary, emergency actions or specific control functions are performed based on rules established by the user.

The software platform includes an hardware module called companion module that can be reprogrammed using a proprietary programming language, able to perform various functions related to the hardware and to dialogue with the central unit of the remote piloting system for the acquisition of measurements and the movement of the system itself.

The Supra project has been applied to the patent No 0001427519 in which a system for the delivery of goods through the use of drones is implemented. The remote piloted system is represented here by a UAV that carries a collector capable of containing different goods. In each waypoint an electronic box, built ad hoc, is placed; it is able to receive the goods that the UAV must deliver.

How are the goods delivered?

The route containing one or more destinations is planned; the drone starts from the home and as it continues along the path, it will meet a specific electronic box in which it will release one or more goods. After delivery, the user will be notified by text message or e-mail and will then proceed to the next destination. The drone will come back, to the home, only after reaching the last destination or the last good to be delivered. Everything is monitored and managed via software.

The video below represents the idea of the patent:

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