SCADA system management software

K4ICT has realized a SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), called PowerSCADA for the creation, the management and the monitoring of any kind of plant, electic and non-electric. PowerSCADA permits to design a whole plant from scratch, defining his basic properties, the position of each circuitry or part of it, and so on. The software permits to define the behaviour of each single circuitry, that is define the variables and the physical quantity contained in the plant of which the user wants to monitorize the value, and define the events, that is proper conditions on variables needed to identify important events such as a threshold exceeding or an anomaly on acquired data.

The software is made by two parts:

  • PowerHMI: client application that permits to monitorize, manage and create the whole SCADA system. With this application it's possible to create the plant circuit, monitorize the interested variables, define new variables, and so on.
  • PowerWebService: web service based application that represents the whole platform core. This application is responsible to store the acquired data and the entire system structure of the plant, and is responsible to direct communicate with the plant itself.
With the use of a simple panels and toolbars based interface, PowerHMI provides all the functionalities for the optimal management of the SCADA system. Each panel permits to execute a specific function on the whole system, giving to the user the possibility to move a panel simply by dragging it in any part of the main window. It's also possible to customize the GUI by loading and saving the panels layout so that to re-use them in a second time.

In order to install and execute correctly the PowerSCADA system, you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  • provide a web server for the PowerWebService application hosting
  • provide a machine where to install a simulation node in order to interact with the server web for data exchange
  • provide a machine where to install the PowerHMI application with which monitorize the whole system
Contact us by email for more information on the product: k4ictsoftware@k4ict.com

Do you want to watch a rolling demo on software functions?
Click on the following link to watch the rolling demo on YouTube. The video will show the most important functions of the software.